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Avistar Casserole

Avistar Stainless Steel Casseroles make every day a special occasion. Avistar is a sleek and broader than usual casserole sets.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI100121 cms1000ml
AI100222.5 cms1500ml
AI100324.2 cms2500ml
AI100427 cms3500ml
AI100529 cms5000ml
AI100632 cms75000ml
AI100732 cms10000ml
Avias India Avistar Casseroles

Avistar casserole has an elegant design and comes with firm grip handles and a twist lock mechanism keeping the food hot and fresh for a long period of time.

Festiva Casserole

Festiva Casseroles makes every day a special occasion.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI4001650 gm1000 ml
AI4002680 gm1500 ml
AI4003810 gm2500 ml

Platina Premium Casserole

Platina premium stainless steel casseroles make every day a special occasion.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI200119.2 cms1000 ml
AI200222.7 cms1500 ml
AI200326 cms2500 ml
AI200429.5 cms3500 ml
AI200531.5 cms5000 ml
AI200633 cms7500 ml
AI200737.1 cms10000 ml
Platina Premium Casserole

Avias Platina Premium Casserole comes with a twist lock mechanism and a double wall insulated puff, keeping the food fresh and hot for a long period of time.

Riara Emerald Casserole

Emerald Stainless Steel Casseroles, make every day a special occasion. Beautiful etched design with 24-carat gold plating makes your serveware flaunt-worthy.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI1000011200 gm2500 ml
AI1000021400 gm3500 ml

Riara Gold Casserole

Riara Gold Stainless Steel Casseroles, makes every day a special occasion.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI88001850 gm1500 ml
AI88002975 gm2500 ml

Riara Silver Casserole

Riara Silver Stainless Steel Casseroles, makes every day a special occasion.

Item CodeSizeLitre Capacity
AI91001850 gm1500 ml
AI91002975 gm2500 ml

Designer Casserole

Avias introduces its designer stainless steel casserole sets. With intricate design on the outer wall, mirror finish and glossy texture, this designer casserole gives a royal look and is a must for your modular kitchen. It can be used for both storing and serving purposes.

Item CodeSize
5241118 cms
5241220 cms
5241322 cms
5241324 cms


Made Of Golden PVD Coating

Want to get rid of your old styled casserole? Well give a try to Avias India casserole made up of premium food grade stainless steel.

Keep your food fresh and warm for long hours with the double walled puff insulation technology that comprises food grade stainless steel body and puff based insulation within them for enhanced insulation.

Never let the stainless steel casserole fall or your hands face the heat of food inside with the easy grip handles on the both sides. Handles are made up of stainless steel with a gripping design that sits on your hands easily.

Avias Stainless steel thermoware Casserole

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