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True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen with our range of stainless steel kitchenware & cookware products.

Picnic Pot

Avias best Stainless Steel Picnic Pot is the perfect fit for your picnic catering needs. They are made of food-grade stainless steel and have leakproof lids to prevent any spillage of contents.

Item Code Size Litre Capacity
AI7001 240 mm 2500ml
AI7002 320 mm 5000ml
AI7003 18cm 7500ml
AI7004 20cm 10000ml
AI7005 22cm 15000ml
AI7006 24cm 20000ml
AI7007 24cm 25000ml
AI7008 24cm 30000ml


Sumo stainless steel casseroles will enhance your cooking experience.

Item Code Size
AI6001 15000ml
AI6002 20000ml

Tea Urn

Avias Tea Urn is made of premium quality stainless steel and with its insulated walls, it keeps beverages like coffee and tea hot for a long period of time. With its stainless steel handle, it is easy to carry around.

Item Code Size Litre Capacity
AI8001 22cm 2500ml
AI8002 24cm 5000ml
AI8003 26cm 7500ml
AI8004 26cm 10000ml
AI8005 26cm 15000ml
AI8006 26cm 20000ml


Engineered For Modern Living

Avias India uses premium quality food-grade stainless steel which is highly durable and helps you cook food easily within less time.

All our stainless steel Horeca products come with a leak proof lid made up of quality rubber which firstly keeps everything hot and never lets it leak from the stainless steel cookware.

Our stainless steel Horeca products come with a glossy finish design that makes it look exceptionally beautiful. Still struggling to get great looking best quality stainless steel horeca products? Checkout Avias India.

As we already mentioned, we use premium quality stainless steel material for developing our products which are exceptionally durable. Also, all our products are long-lasting.

Avias horeca stainless steel picnic pot

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